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The Tester Season 3 – Bloopers And Outtakes

This is the recap show and I hate that this even exists. Egoraptor, kwajamonster, suzkaiden, ninjanomyx, douchebag, and skyd1ddy are going to help out.

The Tester Season 3 – Episode 6

So at this point of the show, there will be no more teams for challenges. How did that alliance work out, RealityPalez? Great job. Admittedly, the show gets a lot better once there are no more teams.

The Tester Season 3 – Episode 5

Before we begin, I wanted to point out that I saw J-Tight and Skyd1ddy at the Street Fighter X Tekken launch party. Skyd1ddy turned out to be pretty hardcore; He plays Fate on PSP. I hope to talk to that guy more. I also saw J-Tight, to whom I blurted, “Hey J, gonna mash out [...]

The Tester Season 3 – Episode 4

This week is the Street Fighter x Tekken theme and I am really not looking forward to people scrubbing it out on the sticks that they don’t know how to hold. Also, with egoraptor gone, can this show still be captivating? Can Suzkaiden generate more drama than SuperYan? Find out this week on The Tester.

The Tester Season 3 – Episode 3

In this episode, Nolan North will show up. Nolan North, of course, is best known for his role as the Space Core in Portal 2.

The Tester Season 3 – Episode 2

Before I start, I want to point out egoraptor did an AMA on reddit at this link here: It sheds a lot of light on The Tester and how it is produced. Keep in mind I predicted a bunch of people would be victims of editing, and I don’t actually think less of any of [...]

The Tester Season 3 – Episode 1

Good lord, here we go again. Presented by Octane Academy. Since we’ve already covered the 12 contestants, I won’t be recapping them here. But if they stick their feet in their mouths in the intro here, I’ll get it.