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Six Seasons and a Movie art show Documentary

Community‘s season 4 premiere may not be airing tonight like originally planned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have over 30 minutes of never before seen Community-related content! Here is the Six Seasons and a Movie art show documentary shot by Andulka Wilkes and Evan Koehne. Thank you to all the participating artists that submitted [...]

Riot LA Alternative Comedy Festival

This weekend is Riot LA’s Alternative Comedy Festival in downtown Los Angeles. Stan Lee’s Comikaze was originally supposed to be the final stop for the “Six Seasons and a Movie” Community artwork, but the organizers of Riot LA invited us to bring the pieces to the festival. And honestly, with that comedy lineup, it’s also [...]

Six Seasons and a Movie Art Show: Summer Sessions

First off, I’d like to thank everyone that came by to attend the Six Seasons and a Movie art show. Thank you to the cast and crew of Community for inspiring us to create the exhibit. And a massive thank you to all the artists for being so patient with all the chaos that comes [...]

Six Seasons and a Movie Art show Documentary Trailer

Here’s a sneak peek at the documentary that Annie Wilkes and Evan Koehne are shooting of the Six Seasons and a Movie art show. It’s one of the rewards that we will be sending to our Kickstarter backers. Much like the art show, what started out as a simple project has evolved into something even [...]

Six Seasons and a Movie art show Sunday Programming

Read on for Day 2!

Six Seasons and a Movie art show Saturday Programming

Once the doors open at 11am, you’ll be free to go inside and check out artwork by various artists from around the world. Make sure to keep track of the Greendale logos. They can help guide you towards tiny bits of useful information about each piece. And if you still need additional assistance, just look [...]

Just Under a Month Before the Show!

Make sure to RSVP to the Six Seasons and a Movie art show event on Facebook. And while you’re at it, follow us on Twitter and like the PixelDrip Facebook page to get the latest updates!

Six Seasons and a Movie Art Show Press Release

Los Angeles, Calif. (May 18, 2012) – The PixelDrip Gallery is proud to announce the Six Seasons and a Movie art show. Hosted at Monk Space in Los Angeles on June 23-24, the event will be a weekend celebration of all things “Community” as interpreted through the vision of over 130 artists from around the [...]

Why Six Seasons and a Movie?

For all those that watched the season 3 finale of Community, you would have seen the #sixseasonsandamovie text appear at the close of the episode. But why use that Twitter hashtag instead of something more straightforward, like “thank you” or “(not) the end?” Well, Community is anything but straightforward. In the second season “Paradigms of [...]

Breaking: Location and Time of the Six Seasons and a Movie Art Show!

Demi Anter from UC Santa Barbara’s The Daily Nexus has the scoop.