“I’m the Art Show, Deal With It!” Open Call for Submissions

art by DJ Welch

** Ticket Info and Funding: HERE **

Like the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of preparing an art show begins anew. This winter, PixelDrip will be putting together the “I’m the Art Show, Deal With It” gallery show in Los Angeles. It will be a legendary gathering of artists from the various nations of the world. They will be showcasing their ability to bend ink, paint, pixels, cloth, paper, and more to create amazing pieces of art. If you would like to take part in this group art show, simply create artwork inspired by the characters and events that take place after the end of the Hundred Year War between the Four Nations.

Among those involved are:

Alain Norte
Alex Mejias
Alina Chau
Anand Duncan
Angelica Maria Lopez
Anu Chuhan
Ása Bryndís
Brianne Drouhard
Caitlin Abruzzo
Caleb Thomas
Cassie Soliday
Chantal El-Bikai
Craig Arndt
Cristobal Hernandez
Dana Guerrieri
Deborah Groves
Darrell Trent Watson Jr
Derek Land
Dianne Jobson
Diego Paz
DJ Welch
Eddie Moreno
Eddie Xu
Eleazar Del Rosario
Erich Haeger
Fernando Caire
Fior Casilag
Hector Sevilla Lujan
Henry Conrad Taylor
Hunter Bonyun
Hyun Joo Song
J Salvador
Jack Rossi
Jay Fabares
Jean Kang
Jeff Victor
Jeffrey Thomas
Jen Ann Bennett
Jennifer Jeong
Jennyson Allan Borlongan Rosero
Jessie Seely
Jesus Lopez
Joe Palumbo
Jordan Q. Hammer
Kassandra Heller
Kate Luckhurst
Kayla Mayer
Kelly Lee
Lana Chan
Leslie Hung
Lissa Treiman
Lorraine Grate
Mark Batalla
Megan Horejsi
Megan Nicole Dong
Michael Matsumoto
Mike Nesbitt
Mira Ongchua
Miranda Sharp
Olga Ulanova
Oliver Duenas
Paolo Encarnacion
Peach Mörk
Racquel Ormsby-Olivares
Robert Atkins
Robert Negrete
Rosemary Travale
Sachin Teng
Sarah Hughes
Sasha Palacio
Seth Tomas
Simon Estrada
Spencer Wan
Stephan McGowan
Stephen Yan
Stevie Lewis
Val Kung
Vivian Ng
Wilfredo Gago Jr.
Yasmin Liang

And there are still plenty of open spots left for this event! If you would like to sign up  or have any general questions, contact Sasha Palacio or Mark Batalla at pixeldripgallery@gmail.com ASAP. Please read the art submission guidelines HERE.