Six Seasons and a Movie Open Call for Submissions

Attention, Human Beings! Did the winter hiatus leave an impact on your artwork and studies? No worries. School will be in session this summer in Los Angeles to give you a chance at earning some extracurricular credit. We here at PixelDrip have been signing up artists from around the world in order to put together an art show that will be streets ahead of any other. The assignment is simple. Create artwork inspired by the characters and events found throughout the span of six seasons and a movie. You read that correctly. SIX SEASONS. AND A MOVIE. If you were so inclined, all you have to do is put on your time hoodie and envision what the future holds. Illustrations, paintings, infographics, sculptures, toys, dioramas, and multimedia presentations all qualify. Multiple submissions are accepted and encouraged. There’s no way that City College is going to upstage the “Six Seasons and a Movie” art show!

Among those already enrolled in the summer study group are:
Alice X. Zhang
Annie Wilkes
Annis Pekka
Arica Houy
Arran McKenna
Aviv Or
Bannon Rudis
Ben DeGuzman
Ben Steeves
Bethany Sellers
Bill Mudron
Bobby Rubio
Brendan Suleiman
Caanan Grall
Chris McVeigh
Chris Schweizer
Claire Hummel
Clayton Chowaniec
Craig Arndt
Craig Ashforth
Crystal Fontan
Dan Hipp
Dave Delisle
Dave Perillo
Dave Stenken
Dennis Culver
Doug Holgate
Eric Anderson
Erica Henderson
Erin Chupeco
Giordano Casanova
Glen Brogan
Heather M. Morris
Hector Lowe
Henry the Worst!
Howard M. Shum
Ian Richens
Ive Sorocuk
J Salvador
Jack Cusumano
James Stayte
Jeff Pina
Jeff Victor
Jen Ann Bennett
Jennifer Jeong
Jennifer Steadman
Jesse Munoz
Jessica Bradley
Jim Mahfood
Joelle Jones
John Murray
Jon Defreest
Jonny Eveson
Jordan Allen
Joshua Budich
Joshua McGrane
Julieta Colas
Justin Crisostomo
Kali Fontecchio
Karen Hallion
Karina McBeth
Karoleen Decastro
Kasey Albano
Katie Sekelsky
Kevin Woody
Kyle Hilton
Kyle Kulakowski
Kyle McCoy
Laur Uy
Laura Vilas
Leigh Young
Len Peralta
Lou Studdert
Lucy Knisley
Lusy DeCoursey
Mark Batalla
Mason Phillips
Matt Greenholt
Matt Parsons
Max Wittert
Megan Ganz
Megan Lara
Michael Mayne
Mike Horowitz
Mike Shea
Ming Doyle
Myke Chilian
Nancy Pham
Natalie Nourigat
Nik Holmes
Otis Frampton
Polly Guo
Rachel Bowland Ulstad
Ramsey “Raz” Sibaja
Rebecca Hayes
Rob Cham
Rob Schrab
Rosemary Travale
Rowan McKeough
Rusty Shackles
Sam Filstrup
Sam Spratt
Sanjit Kaur
Sean Mills
Sophie Iannuzzi
Stephan Krosecz
Steven Ray Brown
Stuart Down
Taryn Gee
Timothy Lim
Tom Trager
Tomas Overbai
Tony Bui
Valeria Herrador
Vanessa Stefaniuk
Vanessa Zucker
Veronica Fish
Victor Camba
Yasmin Liang
Zach Allen

And there are still plenty of open spots left for this one of a kind event! If you would like to sign up for the study group or have any general questions, contact Professor Mark Batalla (not a real professor) at ASAP. Please read the art submission guidelines HERE.